Because rambling happens. A lot.

Welcome to the website that shouldn’t have been made but was. This was created to document the large amount of rambling Tom Scott and Matt Gray do in their YouTube series: The Park Bench.

Here we see the beginnings of this website where Matt jokingly comes up with a domain name. Funny joke.

Tom acknowledges the domain was purchased in this video. He also hopes the domain owner’s (Hi!) intentions are good. Don’t worry, we’re cool.

Nah, it's still rambly.

(This video was made private for an unknown reason. For reference, the title of the video is "Tom Tried A Microsoft HoloLens".)

Mentioning the name of the website is a good way to end up on the website.

I approve of Mustang Beans.

I guess this was rambly

It cost me money to record this audio clip, so you better enjoy it!
(I honestly don't care, given that I spent more on this domain)


Here is that video:

Rambly as hell isn't rambly as f**k, but close enough!

Rambly laughs?

RIP as f**k